Core values amp; business policies:

At M.V.PATEL we are committed of trading only with the best brands from national amp; international market. We have being selecting brands which are the best in terms of luxury, technology, looks and durability amp; ensuring value for money.


Brands which have a continuous process of upgrading their products along with time amp; most importantly it should have the complete back hand support for spares , service amp; installation knowhow .


We take complete responsibility of marketing, stock support amp; timely deliveries, training technicians for installation, supervision, execution, service amp; very importantly in our entire business career we have a record of continuing the business with every brand in terms we do not leave brands at any cost.

The following are few details which will further give you justify of the above:

Best Indian brands:

Brand Our Relationship Our Area Of Working Position In Our Market
Jaquar Since 1978 Entire MP as a distributor No. 1 with 40% annually growth
Viking Since 1996 Dealership for Indore 25% annually growth
Groundfos Since last 5 years Dealership for Indore Monthly average sales of 25 pressure pumps
ION Exchange Since last 10 years Dealership for Indore No. 1 in water softer
Hindware Since last 4 years Dealership for Indore Average Sales
American Standard Since last 13 years Dealership for MP Good mediocre brand. Recently we have supplied to new Indore Airport, New Bhopal Airport , Hotel Raddision, Sliver springs,Pvr Cinema, satyam cinema #038; many more.
Chilly Since 1996 Dealership for MP
Dutron Since Last 5 years Distributor for entire MP ( CPVC #038; SWR) Average Sales

Best German brands:

Brand Our Relationship Our Area Of Working Position In Our Market
Hansgrohe Since last 12 years Last 11 years as distributor #038; from last 1 year as a dealer Good into showering concepts
Villeroy #038; boch Last 1 ½ years Distributor for MP Best European brand , sales are picking up
Keuco Last 1 ½ years Distributor for MP, Rest of Maharashtra #038; Gujarat Sales are picking up
Viega Last 2 years Distributor for MP, Gujarat #038; Rest of Maharashtra Sales are picking up
Kaldawai Last 2 years Distributor for Gujarat #038; MP No. 1 brand in steel enamel coated bath tub #038; sales are picking up
Helo Last 2 years Distributor for MP, Gujarat #038; Rest of Maharashtra No.1 European company for Steam Generator

Few business policy on which we work very sincerely are uniform pricing:
We are committed of having uniform pricing for our esteemed customers.
We do not believe in negotiations, its always the best business deal we give to our valued customers. We believe in transparent #038; true working #038; share the highest trust level with our customers. We do not make Customers, we always make Friends.

With this we assure you of our commitments #038; sincere working #038; a reliable after sale services at all times.

Best Regards
Manish Patel.

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